Our highly participatory arts-integrated virtual residencies for K-8 students are broadcast "live" directly into classrooms to develop/deepen students' comprehension, creativity and self-confidence.

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About Virtual Arts Integration Residencies:

  • Each residency is five 45-60 minute sessions and can accommodate 1-3 classes

  • Led by nationally recognized, highly trained specialists in the arts
    and education fields

  • Our virtual residencies were conducted in over 600 classrooms
    this year. That’s over 15,000 students reached!

  • Virtual arts-focused, incredibly engaging sessions are broadcast
    directly into classrooms

  • Topics include SEL, science, history, writing, world cultures,
    comprehension, and social change

  • Students THRIVE in these virtual classroom sessions and deepen
    their understanding of important topics as well as addressing
    student-specific needs

All live sessions are 45-60 minutes long.

Virtual Residency Sessions Are Ideal for:

  • Academically, Socially, and Cognitively Diverse Learners

  • English Language Learners

  • Visual Learners

  • Kinesthetic Learners

  • Auditory Learners

Art Forms Include:

  • Creative Movement

  • Drama

  • Playwriting

  • Shadow Puppetry

  • Music

  • Body Percussion

  • Paper Sculpture

  • Drawing

Students, Teachers and Principals LOVE Our Residencies!...


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Artist Residencies for 2023-2024:

Daniel Barash

Daniel Barash | Berkeley, California

Change-Makers Brought to Life with Shadow Puppetry
2nd-7th Grades | 9-10 Sessions

Shadow Puppetry, with its bold shapes and dramatic movement, is the perfect art form to explore the change-makers among us. In this residency, students will use shadow puppetry to bring "to life" the stories of children from around the world who are taking action to protect our fragile planet. Join Master Teaching Artist Daniel Barash as he helps students to appreciate how we can ALL create change through the engaging, hand-on, and captivating shadow puppetry tradition.


Exploring Story Elements Through Shadow Theatre
2nd-6th Grades | 9-10 Sessions

Shadow Puppetry, with its bold shapes and dramatic movement, is the perfect art form to explore the elements of story. In this residency, after playing a “Story Challenge Game” to reinforce familiarity of story structure, students will demonstrate their understanding by bringing a shadow tale “to life” behind the puppet screen. Join Master Teaching Artist Daniel Barash as he helps your students explore the foundations of storytelling through the engaging, hands-on, and wondrous shadow puppetry tradition.


Shadow Puppets and SEL
K-6th Grades | 9-10 Sessions

Shadow Puppetry is a highly engaging art form that naturally helps students feel safe when learning how to identify emotions and healthy SEL tools. In this residency, students learn shadow puppetry performance techniques that will help them explore and empathize with the emotional life of both characters in literature and the students themselves. Join Master Teaching Artist Daniel Barash as he helps your students explore the variety of human emotions through the engaging, hands-on, and wondrous shadow puppetry tradition.

Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown | Kansas City, Missouri

Creating Cause and Effect Connections Through Comics

2nd-5th Grades | 5 Sessions

The comic book medium engages students with a DYNAMIC and EXPRESSIVE way to demonstrate understanding! In this residency, students will create colorful comics that focus on the Cause and Effect relationships found in Life Science. These creations can be more than artworks -- they can be quick assessments of student learning. Join artist Garrett Brown for this 5-session residency that gives your classroom content SUPERPOWERS!

Harlan Brownlee

Harlan Brownlee | Kansas City, Missouri

Biome Boogie: Exploring Animal and Plant Adaptations with Dance
1st-4th Grades | 5 Sessions

Inspired by the earth’s biomes and the adaptations made by plants and animals to survive in those environments, students demonstrate with creative movement and dance their understanding of different biomes. Using narratives to accompanying their movement, students create dances that model the relationships that exist between plants, animals, and their environment. Choreographer and dancer, Harlan Brownlee, will lead students through an exploration of protection, camouflage, food obtainment, and locomotion that flora and fauna use to survive and the ways humans imitate those adaptations.


Moving and Modeling Earth Systems: Exploring Forces of the Land, Water, and Air
3rd-6th Grades | 5 Sessions

Like dance, our earth’s systems are a dynamic exchange of motion and energy that create erosion, climate, and weather phenomena. Using the elements of dance, students will deepen their understanding of our earth systems by creating dance models that demonstrate the forces and interconnections within the earth’s systems of land, water, and air. Choreographer and dancer, Harlan Brownlee, will lead students through a moving exploration of the ways that the earth’s systems influence each other and the scientific principles at work within the earth’s systems.

Imani Gonzales

Imani Gonzales | Washington, D.C.

Exploring World Cultures Through Music
3rd-6th Grades | 5 Sessions

World music provides knowledge of various cultures, which is incumbent on us as educators to share with students to increase their self-confidence and social awareness on a local, national, and global scale. This residency will bring young students into the living, breathing vitality of other cultures through authentic traditional songs, stories, salutations, and artifacts so as to appreciate the similarities and differences between other cultures and their own. Professional vocalist Imani Gonzalez will guide students on a tremendous journey using music as a vehicle of study showing that music is a common thread that ties all communities together.


Telling Your Story Through the Beat of Jazz
3rd-8th Grades | 5 Sessions

Immerse students in the rich history of jazz as they trace its roots and influences through African traditional chants, work songs, spirituals, ragtime, the blues, swing and bebop. In this residency, students write their own blues songs that express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Giving voice to children’s thoughts and feelings is an integral part of their social-emotional development. Writing personal narratives with an understanding of the stories told in musical forms that led to the development of jazz will encourage students to connect their emotions to the content of writing.

Jessica McHugh

Jessica McHugh | Sarasota, Florida

Creatively Moving Through Challenges
2nd-6th Grades | 5 Sessions

As life serves up challenges, it is imperative we help students gather tools to navigate their shifting emotions. This residency connects the elements of movement to social emotional learning skills such as self management, mind and body awareness, self expression, collaboration, and empathy building. Arts Integration Curriculum Specialist, Jessica McHugh, will guide students through working together, stepping into another’s shoes, and creating movement phrases that demonstrate how heroes transform their biggest challenges into their greatest successes.


Creatively Moving Through Stories
K-4th Grades | 5 Sessions

Reading, writing and even talking about a story can rely on learning modalities that all students may not possess. Creative movement provides a tangible way for students to step into key events of a story while moving through the feelings, actions and events that characters experience. In this residency, creative mover and curriculum specialist, Jessica McHugh guides young learners to create their own movement sequences that showcase key details of stories while stretching their understanding of vocabulary, character and empathy.

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Jason Nious

Jason Nious | Las Vegas, Nevada

Teamwork and Self-Expression Through Stepping
3rd-8th Grades | 5 Sessions

Get ready to move with Jason Nious, as he stomps, claps, and moves students through seven elements of teamwork:

  • Goal setting
  • Pledge - commitment
  • Leadership
  • Practice
  • Support & encouragement
  • Showtime!
  • Reflection

A performer with Cirque du Soleil, Stomp, Molodi, and the International Body Music Festival, Jason brings his experience to your class to create a dynamic and cooperative step team while reinforcing social and emotional learning.

Nik Ridley

Nik Ridley | Phoenix, Arizona

The Gift of Art: Creating Art to Express Feelings and Show Gratitude
2nd-8th Grades | 5 Sessions

Creating a work of visual art is a powerful way to process and capture various events in life that can be difficult to express in words. If the art is a gift for someone else then positive feelings of healing and purpose can guide the creative process. In this residency, students create a gift of art for someone that expresses the joy and gratitude felt about an event or moment in life! Visual artist Nik Ridley guides learners in the making of abstract portraits sure to brighten someone's day.

Maria Schaedler-Luera

Maria Schaedler-Luera | Sarasota, Florida

Acting Out "Sneak Previews" in the Language Arts Classroom
K-8th Grades | 5 Sessions

Sneak Previews are an early preview of parts of a film before it gets released. They have a very brief amount of time to summarize essential elements of the movie such as setting, characters, plot, problem and solution. In this residency, Brazilian Theater Specialist Maria Schaedler-Luera guides students to create and act out a sneak preview of a story from their curriculum. Get your popcorn ready because this residency is coming soon to classrooms everywhere!

* This residency can be taught in English or Spanish.


Dramatizing "Status and Roles" from Ancient Greece to Modern America
6-12th Grades | 3 Sessions

Actors use the body, voice and imagination to portray different roles and status in theater. The power difference in the relationship between two characters is affected by their status and is exemplified by their movement, posture, and voice. In this residency, Brazilian Theater Specialist Maria Schaedler-Luera guides students to explore status and roles of different social groups. Students will reflect on how ideas and events from Ancient Greece related to roles and status have shaped the world today.

* This residency can be taught in English or Spanish.


Exploring Social Change Through Drama
4-12th Grades | 5 Sessions

Success in a complex world often depends on how we create and navigate relationships. Problems arise and we need to consider solutions with an understanding of perspective, diversity, and empathy. During this residency with Theater Specialist Maria Schaedler-Luera, students will engage in multi-sensory dramatic and improvisational exercises that will guide students to understand the need for change while believing in their own ability to make informed decisions for the benefit of themselves and society.

* This residency can be taught in English or Spanish.

Emily Smith

Emily Smith | Valdosta, Georgia

Listening to Comprehend
3rd-6th Grades | 5 Sessions

Music is such a powerful tool to communicate and illustrate emotions, major events, and stories, but it’s rarely used this way in learning experiences. During this residency, musician and educator Emily Smith will engage students in listening, moving, thinking, and talking about what music is communicating to us. This creative process will open up students’ minds to a larger imaginative world that transforms their science and social studies content into a musical experience.

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Kay Thomas

Kay Thomas | Texarkana, Texas

Listening to Comprehend
2nd-8th Grades | 5 Sessions

Bring out the inner sculptor in your students! During this fast paced, hands-on residency, students will bend, fold, and roll paper into sculptural models that memorialize selected individuals, ideas, or events from history. Join Kay Thomas, sculptor artist from Texas, for a deep art experience guaranteed to reveal the builders in your classroom and give 3-dimensional thinkers a voice.

Sam Tidwell

Sam Tidwell | Greenfield, California

Academic Songwriting in the Classroom
1st-5th Grades | 5-10 Sessions

How many songs do you know the words to? Songs tend to stick in our minds and stay with us for years, if not a lifetime. This residency harnesses that power and takes it a step further by having the students become the songwriters. Original songs focusing on standards-based content, such as life cycles, plant parts, literary elements and even point of view are written by a class and then musically brought to life with the guitar accompaniment of Teaching Artist Sam Tidwell. You’ll be singing a different tune about music as students engage in a creative process that both constructs meaning and expresses understanding in this artistic modality.

Morgan Vaught

Morgan Vaught | Stafford, VA

If Paintings Could Talk
3rd-6th Grades | 5 Sessions

When we look at a portraits, we wonder who? what? when? where? and why? What if the paintings could come to life and answer those questions? In this residency, they do! Join teaching artist and former teacher, Morgan Vaught, as she guides students to create and perform monologues that bring the voices of the historical figures to life. Students will analyze paintings to discover the hidden or untold meaning behind the work of art and uncover these buried and unheard stories of the past.


Voices Through History Through Monologue
3rd-6th Grades | 5 Sessions

Have you ever wondered about the story behind a painting of an important historical figure? What was left unsaid? In this residency, students will analyze paintings to discover the hidden or untold meaning behind the work of art. Inspired by the revealed story, students will create and perform a monologue bringing to life the voice of the historical figure in the painting. Join teaching artist Morgan Vaught, as they lead this dramatic approach to uncover, create, and hear these buried and unheard stories of the past.

Morgan Vaight & Harlan Brownlee

Morgan Vaught & Harlan Brownlee

Connecting Word Choice and Meaning Through Drama and Dance
2nd-6th Grades | 5 Sessions

Like Poets, Choreographers create images in the mind to inspire and delight us. Using drama and dance strategies to engage their imaginations, students demonstrate and express their understanding of poems and vocabulary through the creation of their own choreographed free-verse poems. Led by Teaching Artist, and former Classroom Teacher, Morgan Vaught, and Choreographer and Teaching Artist, Harlan Brownlee, students will deepen their understanding of parts of speech and language and discover the meaning of words.

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