Join the Focus 5 team for a year of engaging, participatory online sessions focused on various arts-integrated teaching strategies. Register for one or all of the sessions! Each Synchronous Zoom Session is taught by a nationally recognized, highly trained specialist in the arts and education fields including National Board Certified Teachers, certified reading specialists, professional artists, and teaching artists.

Appropriate for Grades K-12 (varies by session, see below)


Pacific Time: 10am-11:30am

Mountain Time: 11:00am-12:30pm

Central Time: 12:00-1:30pm

Eastern Time: 1:00-2:30p

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November 6, 2021with Harlan Brownlee

Working with the elements of dance, this workshop provides teachers an engaging approach for students to explore free-verse poetry and delve into the nuances of rich vocabulary. Take back to your classroom movement and dance strategies to enhance the meaning of text and help students express their understanding of words and poems.  Please come prepared to move.


December 4, 2021with Sean Layne

How do teachers prepare for students’ widely varying energies and emotions? This session establishes a silent routine that helps classes calm their bodies, focus their minds, and balance their emotions so they are ready for learning. Created by actor/educator Sean Layne, this strategy has been used with overwhelming success for decades in classrooms worldwide and seems more relevant than ever as our educational system turns its focus on social-emotional learning. Join Focus 5 National Teaching Artist, Sean Layne, for this engaging session.

November 13, 2021with Kay Thomas

Bring out the inner sculptor in your students! During this hands-on session, you will learn how to teach students to bend, fold, and roll paper into sculptural models that memorialize selected individuals, ideas, or events from history. Join Kay Thomas, sculptor artist from Texas, for a deep art experience guaranteed to reveal the builders in your classroom and give 3-dimensional thinkers a voice.





























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January 8, 2022with Emily Smith

Music plays a crucial role in providing context, eliciting feelings and creating strong memories in our lives. However, when it comes to understanding how music communicates with us, we remain mystified. Let's access the power of decoding music in order to help students construct and demonstrate understandings of science and social studies concepts. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn how to sharpen your listening skills!


February 5, 2022 with Lorena Cervantes

Creative movement facilitates a multi-sensory way of acquiring new vocabulary that is particularly beneficial for language learners. Through repetition and movement, students can kinesthetically express their comprehension of key concepts and build more profound and meaningful connections to the social studies curriculum.


January 22, 2022with Daniel Barash

Shadow puppetry, with its bold shapes, vivid colors, and dramatic movement, is a highly engaging art form that powerfully brings curricula “to life.” In this hands-on foundational session, you will begin to explore the “what, why, and how” of shadow theater. Make a shadow puppet stage from items found in your kitchen, create puppets, and together with other participants, perform a fresh version of Louis Armstrong’s best-loved classic tune as you experience the magic and possibilities of this age-old yet thoroughly modern art form.

February 19, 2022with Melanie Rick

Lines and shapes are not only central to mathematical learning in PreK-2; they are also building blocks within the visual arts and foundational letter and number writing skills. In this workshop, explore how students can build basic vocabulary to describe lines in works of art and use that knowledge to demonstrate their understanding of geometry. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own abstract drawings to discover how this approach fosters creativity in all types of learners!

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March 5, 2022with Imani Gonzalez

Enhance student learning by using sound and rhythm to explore new paths to help students develop reading comprehension strategies and make connections between music and language. During this session, learn how to create Soundscapes - a way to retell the story that connects to the story’s tone, mood, setting, and the characters’ culture(s). Students will attain a new level of comprehension when they experience seeing, hearing, and feeling through reading!


April 30, 2022with Jessica DiLorenzo

As life serves up challenges, it is imperative we help students gather tools to navigate their shifting emotions. This workshop connects the elements of movement to social emotional learning skills like self management, mind and body awareness, self expression, collaboration, and empathy building. You will learn to guide students through working together, stepping into another’s shoes, and creating movement phrases that demonstrate how heroes transform their biggest challenges into their greatest successes.


March 19, 2022with Melanie Rick

Childrens' literature is filled with characters who wrestle with various emotions while striving to overcome obstacles. The illustrations in these books often capture complex thoughts, feelings and actions and provide the catalyst for rich conversations and powerful lessons focused on social-emotional learning. During this session, learn how to look, think and talk about detailed aspects of illustrations to help students make personal connections and gain a deeper understanding of their own feelings as well as others' feelings around them.

April 2, 2022with Kassie Misiewicz

Stories can be our best teachers-especially when we are dealing with big concepts like social emotional learning.  So why not use storytelling to our advantage in the classroom? What would happen if the biggest goat in The Three Billy Goats Gruff used his words to tell the troll how he was feeling instead of knocking him off the bridge? How would he find the courage? Children adopt new behaviors when they role play and practice new scripts. In this session, learn how to strengthen your students’ mindfulness, self regulation and self expression and through interactive storytelling and a classic tale with a twist.